DACW Buying Team: Magic buyers spend big in Providence


Dave & Adam’s gaming buyers have been making the rounds at several major events in recent weeks. Some of their stops included Grand Prix Las Vegas, Origins gaming show and Grand Prix Providence.

It was at the Grand Prix Providence where they made more than $100,000 in buys of some fantastic Magic cards. Their biggest transaction involved acquiring graded versions of some of the rarest cards in Magic history. The team purchased a near complete set of BGS-graded 9 Moxen, a PSA 8 Black Lotus and a BGS 8.5 Black Lotus. The cherry on the sundae was a BGS-graded 9 Black Lotus that features subgrades of 9.5 centering, 8.5 edges, 9 corners, and a 9 surface.


Some of the haul from the Grand Prix Providence

 The deal also yielded PSA-graded alpha and beta Dual Lands, a graded Alpha Time Walk, and a BGS Raw review 8 Alpha Ancestral Recall.

Many of these cards are currently listed on our site, and will be scooped up quickly by Magic players.

Our gaming buyers have also brought back tons of modern and standard staples, a complete collector’s edition set, lots of dual lands and other pieces of power.


Dave & Adam’s Gaming buyers or aspiring rap group? You decide

If you’re looking to sell your collection of Magic: The Gather or any other gaming cards please contact our buyers at [email protected]

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