Comic Collecting…Where to Invest?

Dave & Adam’s lead comic buyer tries to help answer that question for you.

Traveling to so many shows across the country leads to many conversations with many different people. Through all these Cons there seems to be one question that is guaranteed to be asked multiple times. “I want to start collecting, but where do I begin?” The answer is always “Well what do you intend to do with the collection in the future?” People collect comics for multiple reasons. Right now the biggest reason seems to be for investment purposes. In this case my answer is simple, 1st appearances and significant issues within your budget. The beauty of investment comics is that more often than not, the concept of “A Rising tides lifts all boats” certainly applies. Take for example Amazing Fantasy #15 (Origin & 1st Appearance of Spider-Man), one of the hottest silver age comics on the market. Low grade copies (2.0-2.5) sell at a five figure price level on a regular basis. More often than not, this tends to price a large amount of collectors out of the market. The beauty of this is that it presents a more affordable option in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1st Issue, 1st appearance of J Jonah Jameson), but also an excellent opportunity buy as well. Because so many people get priced out of Spider-Man’s 1st appearance, they more often than not settle for issue #1, thus creating more demand, resulting in rising values.

Comic collecting for investment purposes can be a confusing and a scary pool to leap into. In addition to offering many investment grade books for sale, we are always happy to offer our recommendations and guidance and can be reach via e-mail at [email protected] and by phone MondayFriday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST at 1-888-440-9787 ext. 117.

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