Buying Team Stories – Massive Magic the Gathering Buy

Joe Steet, one of the primary buyers of gaming cards for the Dave & Adam’s Buying Team recently made an incredible Magic the Gathering purchase. Joe, lined up a deal from a local collector for a complete graded Magic the Gathering Alpha Set!

Magic the Gathering Alpha Set

This set on average is well over BGS 9.0 MINT which is incredible for cards which debuted in August of 1993. The Alpha printing was produced in a very small quantity by today’s standards, only about 1100 of each rare were printed, many were damaged by playing without sleeves or have otherwise been lost to time in the past 24 years, so assembling a set on its own is enough of a challenge, but getting the set in such high quality grades is a Herculean feat!

We’ll be breaking the set up and listing the cards individually…so look for them on the site soon!


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