Bob’s Blog: Extremely Rare 1970/71 Topps Basketball 2nd Series Wax Box

I just purchased one of the most rare boxes of basketball cards I’ve ever seen. I am pictured below with a 1970/71 Topps Basketball 2nd Series Wax Box – when is the last time you’ve seen one of these?

The box is showing some wear but the packs are mint! This box contain 24 packs of 10 cards. The 2nd series has cards numbered from #111 to #175, with key rookie cards of Pete Maravich, Calvin Murphy, Jo Jo White, and Jerry Sloan.

I love purchasing rare boxes that are not often seen. The picture below shows off the 24 packs outside of the box. The mint packs have great eye appeal and a pretty cool vintage design, if you ask me.

I am always paying very strongly for any hard to find older boxes! This box is now available on our website here: 1970/71 Topps Basketball 2nd Series Wax Box.

Thanks for checking out my latest purchase,

Bob Snyder

Dave and Adam’s Card World Buyer

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