DACW Live Bracket Contest is “Madness”

We seem to be catching some of the “Madness” making the rounds this month.

Since we don’t have a cowbell prescription to help cure the madness, the breakers are launching a DACW Live Bracket Contest to ease it a bit.

This promotion consists of four brackets, each having 16 breaks. Every break in the bracket gets a team in the round of 16.

For all our mathematicians out there, what does that equal? That’s right! There are 64 total breaks in the DACW Live Bracket Contest.

Each bracket will have one break whose team “won the National Championship.”

One customer from the winning break will win $250 in credit. Four customers will win a $250 credit (one for each bracket).

Here’s an example for you! If Duke is the National Champion, each bracket will have a break with Duke, and those breaks would be the four winning breaks.

The remaining customers in the winning break, who did not win the top prize, will split the remaining pot of a little over $1,000 in credit.

Everyone’s favorite DACW Live member, Sean, did the math, and he says the least amount of credit you will walk away with is $15.

Sean also says the final amount of credit will depend on the total number of customers in the four winning breaks.

The breaks will have the bracket in the title of them:

  • 2022 Bracket 1
  • 2022 Bracket 2
  • 2022 Bracket 3
  • 2022 Bracket 4

Head to the DACW Live Breaks page to purchase your spot in a break today!

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