Just In: 1993 Upper Deck SP Baseball

The Dave & Adam’s Sports Card Buyers have just received in two boxes of 1993 Upper Deck SP Baseball!

1993 SP Baseball is a reminder that high-end wasn’t always just about autographs and memorabilia cards. The set also has one of the most iconic rookie cards of the 1990s – Derek Jeter. This card is considered by many to be the top rookie of ‘The Captain’. If you are lucky enough to get one graded PSA 10’s have sold for over $50,000!

The key portion of 1993 SP Baseball comes at the end of the set. The final 20 cards make up the Premier Prospects subset, which features several rookies. Included in this group is the Derek Jeter rookie card as mentioend above but there is also a rookie of Red Sox, Yankee great Johnny Damon. Braves legend Chipper Jones and the enigmatic Red Sox Manny Ramirez are among the Premier Prospects that aren’t rookie cards.

The Premier Prospects are extremely condition sensitive. The all-foil fronts are prone to chipping. Any corner wear is also very noticeable. This makes high professional grades from PSA and BGS extremely rare and valuable.

These boxes have now been fully processed and are available for purchase on dacardworld.com!

If you have a collection of cards you are looking to sell, contact us by email at [email protected] and/or call 1-888-440-9787 ext. 112. We make cash offers on the spot and are always looking to purchase vintage sets, unopened boxes and select singles.


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