Signings Hotline – The Yellow Pages of Autographs

Along with trading cards, autograph collecting is a growing hobby around the world. Most autograph seekers however are limited to local athlete signings or sending photos or trading cards through the mail, hoping to get a reply. Well my friends, now you have no excuse with around – The yellow pages for athlete signings.

Since January of the year 2000, has listed almost 150,000 public athlete signings happening anywhere from trade shows, local card shops to appliance stores and car dealers. They give you all the information you need to get your item signed, whether it be in person or through the mail.  The Community Forum is also available to help you with any question about the hobby you may have, whether you are a newbie or an old-timer

Not only does give you access to information about future signings, but show promoters can use their Athlete Exchange to help them find available sports stars to come sign at their event. Best of all, it is all free.  There are even memberships available starting at just 99¢ per year that offer options such as discounts on autographs, a more extensive list of about 4 times as many autograph signings as well as email alerts about future events. Membership also allows you to email 800 dealers at once to shop around for the best price available on any piece of signed sport memorabilia you are looking for.  Membership is well worth the money.

The hobby is gaining momentum and a resource like offers the easiest access to out of town events for obtaining autographs. Never before has it been so easy to send out items and receive them back in a timely manner with that sweet slather of paint pen direct from your favorite player dancing on your personal item.  And no other resource compares to to help you find that in-person athlete autograph appearance either.

Check out and find the next big piece of your collection today.  If you collect athlete autographs and aren’t using it, you are missing out..


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