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1961 Topps Baseball Complete Set (VG-EX)

1961 Topps Baseball Complete Set (VG-EX)

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  • 1961 Topps Baseball Complete Set (VG-EX)

    1961 Topps Baseball Complete Set of 587 cards. The overall grade of this set is VG-EX. Some are better, some are worse. Card numbers 587 & 588 were never issued.

    Card #2 Maris is EX-MT (OC). Card #10 B. Robinson is EX-MT. Card #35 Santo is EX. Card #80 Killebrew is VG-EX (scuff mark on front). Card #120 Mathews is EX. Card #141 Williams is EX-MT. Card #150 Mays is VG (creased, small amount of paper loss on the back). Card #160 Ford is EX+. Card #200 Spahn is EX. Card #211 Gibson is VG-EX. Card #260 Drysdale is VG-EX (diamond cut). Card #273 Checklist is marked. Card #287 Yastrzemski is VG-EX (print line). Card #290 Musial is EX (OC). Card #300 Mantle is VG ("19" was written on the front and erased). Card #344 Koufax is VG-EX. Card #350 Banks is VG-EX (there are two dents). Card #360 F. Robinson is VG-EX. Card #388 Clemente is VG (creased). Card #406 Mantle HR is EX. Card #415 Aaron is EX (OC). Card #440 Aparicio is VG (writing on the back). Card #475 Mantle MVP is EX-MT. Card #482 Mays MVP is EX. Card #484 Aaron MVP is EX+. Card #576 Maris AS is VG-EX (back crease, OC). Card #577 Aaron AS is EX. Card #578 Mantle AS is EX-MT. Card #579 Mays AS is EX-MT. Card #586 Ford AS is EX-MT. Card #589 Spahn AS is VG-EX.

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