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2015/16 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby 6-Box Case- DACW Live 30 Team Random Break

2015/16 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby 6-Box Case- DACW Live 30 Team Random Break

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We Break It Live Your box or case is opened live for you from the DACW Live Card Lounge and broadcast to a worldwide audience.

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Item Description
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  • 2015/16 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby 6-Box Case- DACW Live 30 Team Random Break



    2 Autographed Patch Cards:

    1 Signed Rookie Patch card!

    A second Signed Patch card, featuring a Collectible NHLer or great rookie in a collectible insert!

    2 More Hits - Delivered amongst Signatures, Memorabilia or low-#'d parallels!

    Find rookie patch autos of Jonathan Drouin, Johnny Gaudreau, Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart, Teuvo Teravainen, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Bo Horvat



    oUnquestionably, the Top Rookie Cards of the Season!
    Cup RC's - Nothing Better!
    oLimited Logos!
    The Standard of Cup Autograph Patch Cards!
    Now - for 1st time -- all Rookies Feature GAME-WORN JERSEYS Too!
    oProperty Of ... Stick Nameplates - Awesome 1-of-1's!
    oAutographed Monumental Booklets!
    oAutographed Rookie Gear!
    oDual Auto Rookie Bookmarks!
    oShadowbox-style Brilliance Autographs!
    oNotable Nameplates, with a Full Letter Patch right from a Game-Worn Jersey!
    oSignature Renditions, and Combos Too!
    With Documentary-Style Images, Bringing Out the Passion of Hockey!


    oLook for a re-tooled Gold Spectrum Base Set Parallel!
    Veterans now limited to 5!
    Majority of cards now Autographed!
    Rookies are Signed and #'d to 25!
    oBase Set Gold Auto Patches Re-Freshed Too!
    All cards, including Rookies, now #'d to 10!
    oFind Red Foil Auto Tag Parallels to the Base Set!
    With Stunning Red Foil!
    Plus Red Ink Signatures!
    Showcasing Laundry Tags, and #'d to just 3!
    oBlack Foil Auto Variations Get a Lift Too!
    Majority of cards now Autographed!
    oNEW - Autographed Legendary Gear!
    Giving these Amazing Hits a Legendary Twist!
    oNEW - Black Foil Shield Logo Patches!
    These Base Set Variations are all 1-of-1's!
    oNEW - Exquisite Collection!
    First-Ever for Hockey!
    Top Rookies, with Jumbo Patches and Autographs!
    Plus Top Active Superstars + Legends Too!
    Sure-Fire Mega-Hits that Exquisite is known for!
    oPLUS - Exquisite Collection "Art of the Game!"
    Tri-Panel, Hand-Painted Booklets!
    Massive Hits with Hard-Signed Autographs to Boot!
    oUPGRADE - Enshrinements now have a Slick Acetate Top Sheet!
    Featuring Signatures Directly on the Shimmering Surface!
    oNEW - NHL Glory!
    Featuring a Chrome NHL Shield Piece Embedded under Acetate!
    Nearly all of them are Autographed!
    Limited to 10 #'d copies per card!


    Autographed Rookie Patch Cards!

    oAutographed Rookie Patch Level 2 - #'d to 249
    oAutographed Rookie Patch Level 1 -- #'d to 99

    Autographed Patch Cards!

    oLimited Logos, Tier 1 - #'d to 50
    oLimited Logos, Tier 2 - #'d to 25
    oLimited Logos, Tier 3 - #'d to 10
    oEmblems of Endorsement - #'d to 15
    oAutographed Rookie Gear Booklets - #'d to 25
    oAutographed Legendary Gear Booklets - #'d to 5
    oDual Auto Rookie Bookmarks (Booklets) - #'d to 25
    oDual Auto Legendary Bookmarks (Booklets) - #'d to 10
    oAutographed Draft Board & Patch Booklets - #'d to 10
    oExquisite Collection Rookie Auto Patch - #'d to Jersey #
    oSignature Patches, Tier 1 - #'d to 99
    oSignature Patches, Tier 2 - #'d to 25
    oDual Signature Patches, Tier 1 - #'d to 35
    oDual Signature Patches, Tier 2 - #'d to 15
    oHonorable Numbers - #'d to jersey #
    oDual Honorable Numbers - #'d to jersey #
    oScripted Swatches - #'d to 35
    oDual Scripted Swatches - #'d to 15
    oAutographed Cup Foundations Quadruple Patches - #'d to 5
    oAutographed Cup Foundations Tag Patches - #'d to 1
    oAutographed Monumental Patch Booklets - #'d up to 3
    oAutographed Monumental Rookie Patch Booklets - #'d to 5
    oRegular Card Gold Auto Patch - #'d to 10
    oRegular Card Red Auto Tag Patch variation (some with Canadian Flag!) - #'d to 1
    oRookie Red Auto Tag - #'d to 3
    oGold Auto Rookie Patches - #'d to 10

    The Cup's Upper-Echelon Autograph & Memorabilia Inserts!

    oProgram of Excellence - #'d to 10
    oProgram of Excellence Duals - #'d to 5
    oProgram of Excellence Trios - #'d to 3
    oAutographed Rookie Draft Boards - #'d to 25
    oExquisite Collection Art of the Game Booklets - #'d to 3
    oExquisite Collection Base Set Veteran Autos - #'d to 25
    oNHL Glory - #'d to 10
    oNHL Glory Autos - #'d to 10
    oScripted Sticks - #'d to 35
    oDual Scripted Sticks - #'d to 15
    oCup Enshrinements - #'d to up to 99
    oCup Enshrinements Duos - #'d to up to 25
    oCup Enshrinements Trios - #'d to up to 10
    oCup Foundations Quadruple Jerseys - #'d to 25
    oCup Foundations Quadruple Patches - #'d to 10
    oAutographed Cup Foundations Quadruple Jerseys - #'d to 15
    oAutographed Cup Foundations Sticks - #'d to 3
    oRegular Cards, Black NHL Shield Patch - #'d to 1
    oRookies, Black NHL Shield Patch - #'d to 1
    oNotable Nameplates - #'d to Number of Letters in Last Name
    o2005-06 Crosby Cup RC Tributes - #'d to 10
    o2005-06 Ovechkin Cup RC Tributes - #'d to 5
    oProperty of ... - #'d to 1
    oBrilliance - inserted 1:4
    oCup Trios (jerseys) - #'d to 25
    oCup Quads (jerseys) - #'d to 10
    oCup Trios Patch // - #'d to 10
    oCup Quads Patch // - #'d to 5
    oSignature Renditions - inserted 1:4
    oSignature Renditions Combos - 1:36
    oRookie Masterpiece (pressplates) - #'d to 1
    oAutographed Rookie Masterpiece (pressplates) - #'d to 1
    oThe Cup Masterpiece (pressplates) - #'d to 1
    oArtist Proof Redemptions (for un-cut sheets!) - varied qtys.
    oRegular Cards Gold Patch variation - #'d to 10
    oRegular Cards Gold Auto variation - #'d to 10
    oRookie Cards Gold variation - #'d to 10
    oRookie Cards Gold Auto variation - #'d to 10
    oRegular Cards Red Tag Patch variation (some featuring Tag Patch with Canadian Flag!) - #'d to 3
    oRegular Cards Red Auto variation - #'d to 3
    oRookie Cards Red variation - #'d to 3
    oRookie Cards Red Auto variation - #'d to 3
    oRegular Cards Gold Spectrum Auto variation - #'d to 5
    oRegular Cards Black Auto variation - #'d 1-of-1
    oRookie Cards Gold Spectrum Auto variation - #'d to 25
    oRookie Cards Black Auto variation - #'d 1-of-1

    Regular Set + Parallels!

    oRookies - #'d to 249
    oRookie Autos - #'d to 249
    oRegular Cards Gold Spectrum // - #'d to 5
    oRegular Cards Black // - #'d to 1
    oRookie Cards Gold Spectrum // - #'d to 25
    oRookie Cards Black // - #'d to 1

    Regular Set

    oRegular Cards - #'d to 249

    6 Boxes (Tins) per case, 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product: The Cup
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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