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2013 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

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  • 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack




    Real One Autographs:

    Retired and active players. Subjects will include players that appeared for the last time on a Topps card in 1964.

    Real One Special Edition - hand #'d to 64.

    Real One Dual Autographs:

    Up to 10 cards signed by a retired and active player. Hand-numbered to 25 or less. HOBBY ONLY

    Real One TRIPLE Autographs:

    Up to 5 cards signed by retired and active players. Hand-numbered to 5. HOBBY ONLY

    1964 Cut Signatures:

    Featuring players from the 1964 Topps set. All 1/1.


    Clubhouse Colection Autograph Relics:

    Uniform or bat relic cards, autographed by active and retired players. Hand-numbered to 25 or less.

    Clubhouse Colection Dual Autograph Relics:

    A retired and an active player, each featuring a relic piece and an on-card autograph. Hand-numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY

    Flashbacks Autographed Relics:

    Retired subjects featuring a highlight from their 1964 season. Numbered to 25 or less.


    Clubhouse Colection Dual Relic:

    Dual uniform or bat relic cards featuring a retired star matched with a current player. Hand-numbered to 64.

    Esteemed Heritage Book Cards:

    Includes a patch, bat knob or bat plate in a book card. #'d 1 of 1. NEW!

    '64 Mint:

    Relic cards featuring retired stars from 1964 and today's stars, along with a coin minted in that year.

    Nickel - #'d to 15
    Dime - #'d to 10
    Quarter - #'d to 5
    JFK Silver Half Dollars - #'d to 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

    1964 Tops Coin Relics:

    Actual 1964 Topps player coins, embedded as a relic. #'d to 5 or less NEW!

    1964 U.S. PostaGE Stamp Relics:

    Includes a photo of an event or player matched with a stamp from 1964. Sequentially #'d. NEW!

    Clubhouse Colection:

    Single uniform or bat relic cards of active stars.

    Clubhouse Collection Gold Parallel - #'d to 99


    New Age Performers:

    Top current players whose performances have eclipsed the giants of the past.

    Memorable Moments:

    Top moments from the 2012 season.

    Then and Now:

    Statistical comparison of a 1964 player vs. a 2012 player who were the leaders in statistical categories.

    Baseball Flashbacks:

    Flashback highlights from the 1964 season.

    News Flashbacks:

    World news moments from 1964.

    1964 Tops Complete Set Redemption:

    A redemption card for a complete set from 1964. NEW!

    1964 Tops Tattos Buybacks:

    These original tattoos from 1964 will be framed. NEW!

    1964 Bazooka Stamps Buybacks:

    These original stamps will be framed. NEW!

    BASE CARDS (1-500):

    Base Cards (425 Subjects):

    Veterans & Rookies in the 1964 Topps Design.

    High-Numbered Short-Printed cards (75) (1:3)

    Base Card Variation:

    - Error Short-Prints Cards reproducing errors from the 1964 set. Limited
    - Throwback Washington Senators Variations

    Action Image Variations:

    Features new action images of star players. Limited. HOBBY ONLY

    Color Variations:

    Color change variations of star players. Limited. HOBBY ONLY


    Venezuelan Parallel:

    The card back color changes from Orange to Black. Limited. NEW!

    Mini Parallels:Limited. NEW!

    Chrome Parallel: Sequentially #'d.

    Chrome Refractor Parallel - Sequentially #'d.
    Black Bordered Chrome Parallel - #'d to 64.
    Gold Bordered Chrome Parallel - #'d to 5. HOBBY ONLY


    1964 (Box Loader):

    Parallels of selected base cards that are included as 3-card strips with an advertisement back. HOBBY ONLY

    1964 Tops Originals (Box Loader):

    Original cards foil-stamped and inserted in 1-card penny packs. HOBBY ONLY

    1964 JUMBO Box Loader:

    Styled after the 1964 Topps over-sized cards. HOBBY ONLY

    Relics (20 subjects) - #'d to 25.
    Autographs (10 subjects) - #'d to 10 or less.

    9 Cards Per Pack

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Heritage
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 887521001309
    • Release Date: March 6th, 2013

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