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1991 Upper Deck Baseball Factory Set

1991 Upper Deck Baseball Factory Set


Product Highlights

  • 800 Card Complete Factory Set!!!
  • Chipper Jones Rookie
  • Luis Gonzalez Rookie
  • Mike Mussina Rookie
  • More Details...
Item Description
Item Details
  • 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Factory Set

    800 Card Complete Factory Set!!!

    This set marked the third year Upper Deck issued a 800-card standard-size set in two separate series of 700 and 100 cards respectively.The 100-card extended or high-number series was issued by Upper Deck several months after the release of their first series. For the first time in Upper Deck's three-year history, they did not issue a factory Extended set. The basic cards are made on the typical Upper Deck slick, white card stock and features full-color photos on both the front and the back. Subsets include Star Rookies (1-26), Team Cards (28-34, 43-49, 77-82, 95-99) and Top Prospects (50-76). Several other special achievement cards are seeded throughout the set. The team checklist (TC) cards in the set feature an attractive Vernon Wells drawing of a featured player for that particular team. Rookie Cards in this set include Jeff Bagwell, Luis Gonzalez, Chipper Jones, Eric Karros, and Mike Mussina.

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 053334104043
    • Release Date: January 1st, 1991

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