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Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Mortal Coil Theme Deck

Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Mortal Coil Theme Deck

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  • Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Mortal Coil Theme Deck

    Like to exploit weakness? Then grab the "Mortal Coil" deck! This deck focuses on tricks you can pull with -1/-1 counters. Of course, the most basic "trick" is simply to put them on your opponent's creatures, which Grim Poppet, Torture, and Incremental Blight do with ease. But you're cleverer than that!

    The deck has lots of creatures with persist, like Gravelgill Axeshark. When one dies, if it didn't have a -1/-1 counter on it, it'll return to play with a -1/-1 counter. Then use Leech Bonder or Fate Transfer to move that -1/-1 counter to one of your opponent's creatures! Your opponent gets weaker, you get stronger, and persist is set to go again. Winning the game has never been so hilariously cruel.

    12 Island
    12 Swamp
    2 Chainbreaker
    1 Faerie Macabre
    3 Gravelgill Axeshark
    1 Grim Poppet
    1 Inkfathom Inf ltrator
    1 Inkfathom Witch
    2 Leech Bonder
    1 Loch Korrigan
    1 Oona's Gatewarden
    1 River Kelpie
    1 Sickle Ripper
    2 Wanderbrine Rootcutters
    2 Wasp Lancer
    3 Wingrattle Scarecrow
    1 Biting Tether
    2 Fate Transfer
    1 Gloomlance
    1 Gnarled Effigy
    1 Helm of the Ghastlord
    1 Incremental Blight
    2 River's Grasp
    2 Scarscale Ritual
    1 Torture
    2 Trip Noose

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 653569285304
    • Release Date: May 2nd, 2008

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