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Magic the Gathering Lorwyn Kithkin Militia Precon Theme Deck

Magic the Gathering Lorwyn Kithkin Militia Precon Theme Deck

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  • Magic the Gathering Lorwyn Kithkin Militia Precon Theme Deck

    Protect the meadow! The key to the "Kithkin Militia" deck is that Kithkin are quick, furious fighters. Play out as many as you can as early as you can and put your opponent on the defensive. Goldmeadow Harrier and Oblivion Ring can remove any tricky obstacles from your path so your Kithkin can keep attacking. And if the ground gets too congested with blockers, Cloudgoat Ranger and Kinsbaile Balloonist will take the fight to the skies.

    One of the deck's best attackers is Kithkin Greatheart, which is a 3/2 creature with first strike as long as you control a Giant. Remember that each changeling creature is a Giant, as is any creature equipped with Runed Stalactite-even Kithkin Greatheart itself!

    24 Plains
    1 Goldmeadow Dodger
    3 Goldmeadow Harrier
    1 Goldmeadow Stalwart
    1 Cenn's Heir
    4 Kithkin Greatheart
    1 Knight of Meadowgrain
    2 Wizened Cenn
    2 Avian Changeling
    1 Kithkin Harbinger
    2 Kinsbaile Balloonist
    1 Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
    1 Thoughtweft Trio
    2 Changeling Hero
    2 Cloudgoat Ranger
    1 Shields of Velis Vel
    1 Pollen Lullaby
    3 Surge of Thoughtweft
    1 Battle Mastery
    2 Crib Swap
    3 Oblivion Ring
    1 Runed Stalactite

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 653569223689
    • Release Date: October 12th, 2007

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