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Magic the Gathering Alara Reborn Intro Pack Box

Magic the Gathering Alara Reborn Intro Pack Box

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Item Description
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  • Magic the Gathering Alara Reborn Intro Pack Box

    Each Intro Pack contains a ready-to-play 41-card Deck, 1 Booster Pack, a Strategy Insert, and a Magic the Gathering Rules Insert for new players. Each deck comes with 2 Rares, 1 of which is a Premium Foil Rare card that is visible through the front of the box. There are 5 different Intro Packs in Alara Reborn, packed 5 per box.

    Set Configuration:

    - 145 black-bordered cards (10 Mythic Rare, 35 rare, 40 uncommon, 60 common)

    Look for the following key cards:
    Defiler of Souls
    Dragon Broodmother
    Jenara, Asura of War
    Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
    Lord of Extinction
    Maelstrom Pulse
    Sen Triplets
    Sphinx of the Steel Wind
    Uril, the Miststalker

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: Alara Reborn
    • UPC/Barcode: 653569372158
    • Release Date: April 29th, 2009

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