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WizKids MechWarrior Vanguard 48 ct. Booster Case

WizKids MechWarrior Vanguard 48 ct. Booster Case

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  • WizKids MechWarrior Vanguard 48 ct. Booster Case

    48 packs per case

    Power and war abhor vacuums, and the lack of structure in the Inner Sphere means a free-for-all as Houses and Clans grab as many worlds as possible! MechWarrior: Vanguard brings this frantic drive to consolidate power to the MechWarrior collectable miniatures game (CMG), and House Liao's military might leads the charge. As infrastructure further crumbles, new high-risk, high-reward gear is introduced, which could mean the key to victory-or self-destruction!

    MechWarrior: Vanguard introduces 81 new units. MechWarrior: Vanguard also adds 23 gear cards, 23 pilot cards, and 24 condition, faction pride, and alliance cards to the game. MechWarrior: Vanguard includes new Mercenary Contract Cards, available in the Age of Destruction Value Pack but now available in boosters!

    • Manufacturer: WizKids
    • Product: MechWarrior
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 807652022165
    • Release Date: May 15th, 2006

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