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WizKids Mage Knight Omens 48 pack Booster Case #WZK0216

WizKids Mage Knight Omens 48 pack Booster Case #WZK0216

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  • WizKids Mage Knight Omens 48 pack Booster Case #WZK0216

    The Shyft have returned! Their long hibernation over, the Shyft have returned in their true, deadly forms leading an army of Mage Spawn into battle. The Land's only hope are the champions--warriors whose mettle has been tested in scores of campaigns--banding together with adventuring companies, powerful, multi-factional groups with their own special abilities. The heroes of Mage Knight step to the forefront as many favorite characters return, including Rayden Marz, Oracle Kastali and Podo (with his magic shield!)

    Mage Knight: Omens brings exciting new game play to your tabletop. New and improved Shyft warriors introduce a new subfaction, the Darkmarch. Adventuring companies are a new card type providing common abilities to all of the warriors in a player's army. Champions are single figures with multiple swappable combat dials, each representing a different version of the warrior. All of these new features allow players more power to customize their armies and field the warriors of their choice!

    Mage Knight: Omens introduces 120 warriors, 16 of which are super rare and 4 new ultra-rare warriors. Mage Knight: Omens also adds 12 domains, 2 spell books, 10 spells, 12 relics, and 12 adventuring company cards to the Mage Knight play environment.


    4 prepainted, fully assembled Mage Knight: Omens miniatures
    1 domain, spell book, spell, relic or adventuring company
    1 rules insert

    This set is governed by the 2.0 rules.

    • Manufacturer: WizKids
    • Product: Mage Knight
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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