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Hordes: Circle Orboros Faction Deck Box (MKIII)

Hordes: Circle Orboros Faction Deck Box (MKIII)

$19.99 $13.95
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  • Hordes: Circle Orboros Faction Deck Box (MKIII)

    Faction Decks contain all the stat cards for a player's miniatures within a faction that have currently been released, providing you essential tools for a quick reference of abilities, stats, as well as keeping track of damage received during game play.

    With all new updated and redesigned cards for every model currently released up until 1st June 2016, this faction deck is a must for every Circle Orboros collector.

    This deck box contains 104 colored stat cards.

    Please Note: This deck box does not contain any stat cards for Mercenary or Minion models.

    Unleash the wrath of nature on the foes of Orboros. The druids of the Circle Orboros protect the wilds of western Immoren with the power of the elements and the ferocious might of terrible beasts. A wholly savage race, whose rending claws represent the living embodiment of primal fury.

    • Manufacturer: Privateer Press
    • Product: Warmachine
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 875582018619
    • Release Date: July 11th, 2016

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