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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion Villain Pack

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion Villain Pack

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  • Star Wars Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion Villain Pack

    Ally and Villain packs contain detailed plastic figures to replace the tokens provided in the Core Set. These figures can be used in both the Imperial Assault campaign game and the skirmish game, and every Ally Pack and Villain Pack offers you new missions for both games.

    You can showcase your most vicious battle tactics with the Royal Guard Champion Villain Pack. With a detailed figure representing a fearsome champion of the Emperor's Royal Guard, this figure pack brings new terrors to members of the Rebel Alliance. Lie in wait for the heroes during a campaign and tempt them to take on a side mission to upload a virus into an Imperial datacenter. Alternatively, you may face your opponents in a Kuat space station, whether you're attempting a risky data heist or trying to intercept a key transmission before your opponent. No matter which skirmish you deploy the Royal Guard Champion in, Command cards like Flurry of Blades ensure that his deadly skills are used to their full advantage.


    1 Plastic Figure
    1 Deployment Card
    7 Command Cards
    - 2 Bodyguard
    - 1 Counter Attack
    - 1 Cripple
    - 1 Flurry of Blades
    - 2 Parting Blow
    3 Agenda Cards
    - Crimson Empire: Infection
    - Crimson Empire: Best of the Best
    - Crimson Empire: Pulling the Strings
    2 Skirmish Mission Cards
    - Kuat Space Station: Data Heist
    - Kuat Space Station: Incoming Transmission

    Star Wars: Imperial Assault Core Set is required to play.

    • Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
    • Product: Star Wars Imperial Assault
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 9781633440227
    • Release Date: March 31st, 2015

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