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Smash Monster Rampage Board Game (5th Street Games)

Smash Monster Rampage Board Game (5th Street Games)

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  • Smash Monster Rampage Board Game (5th Street Games)

    The ground shakes as a silhouette appears against the city's skyline. A giant monster is attacking the city, crashing through buildings and terrorizing people in the streets! Mobilize the town's defense forces of tanks and helicopters to drive the monster out of town before every building is reduced to rubble. Of course, the monster doesn't appreciate you firing rockets at it; every successful attack leads to more mayhem as the monster fights back... The city won't save itself - are you ready to be a hero?


    30 Buildings
    6 Helicopter Tokens
    6 Tank Tokens
    8 Survivor Tokens
    1 Smash Monster
    1 Monster Die
    1 Six-sided Die
    2 Ten-sided Dice
    31 Fire Tokens
    30 Monster Cards
    11 Role Cards
    20 Survivor Cards
    2 Unit Tracker Boards
    1 Game Board

    Ages: 8+
    Players: 1-5
    Game Length: 40 minutes

    • Manufacturer: 5th Street Games
    • Product: Rampage
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 091037869296
    • Release Date: March 31st, 2015

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