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SeaFall (Plaid Hat Games)

SeaFall (Plaid Hat Games)

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  • SeaFall (Plaid Hat Games)

    My dream is always the same. Far to the west, the setting sun splashes red and gold. I feel the pull of power, of riches untold that lie beyond the horizon. I know that power untold will be mine if I can but claim it first. Glory shall be mine and mine alone.

    You control a province ready to set sail into the open seas. These waters have not been explored in hundreds of years and none know what lies in the uncharted seas. During each game of SeaFall, you will explore, raid, trade, and build your way to victory, trying to amass the most glory for your province. Gain the most glory and you win. Gain the most glory across all games and you will unite the provinces and become emperor of all the lands.

    SeaFall is a legacy-style game, meaning that some of the actions of one game carry onto future games. As islands are explored, you will learn more about them and the history of the world. As provinces are raided, enmity between the provinces will grow and bloom. Your ships will grow faster. Your advisors will gain more expertise.

    As you explore the world, new materials will come into play, initially hidden in "treasure chests." New rules, new cards, new twists, and an emerging history will all become part of your world.

    Will you gain the most glory and unite the lands, or will you bow before another?


    1 Gameboard
    1 Sideboard
    15 Custom Dice
    40 Goods
    1 Captain's Book
    1 Astrolabe
    40 Enmity Tokens / Province Markers
    5 Province Boards
    62 Coins
    36 Reputation Tokens
    30 Fortune Tokens
    9 Structure Tokens
    12 Upgrade Tokens
    8 Treasure Cards
    5 Player Reference Cards
    20 Damage Cards
    9 Milestone Cards
    20 Advisor Cards
    6 Event Cards
    5 Title Cards
    10 Leader Cards
    8 Retired Advisor Stickers
    3 Sticker Sheets
    6 Locked Chests
    5 Province Chests
    1 Storage Chest
    1 Glory Target Marker
    5 Glory Markers
    10 Ships

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 3-5
    Game Length: 90-120 minutes

    • Manufacturer: Plaid Hat Games
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 681706130002
    • Release Date: October 16th, 2016

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