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[redacted] The Game of Spycraft, Intrigue, Bluffing, and Betrayal (Ludicreations)

[redacted] The Game of Spycraft, Intrigue, Bluffing, and Betrayal (Ludicreations)

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  • [redacted] The Game of Spycraft, Intrigue, Bluffing, and Betrayal (Ludicreations)

    Find your partner, infiltrate the embassy, get the enemy intel and escape!

    [Redacted] is a game of spycraft, intrigue, betrayal and bluffing set in the golden age of the cold war, when men knew how to drink a Martini, and women knew not to trust a man who claimed to know how to drink a Martini.

    Every year, the ambassador holds a reception to show how important he is. In the game, the players, using their secret agent skills, must infiltrate the embassy during the reception. Moving from room to room, they must recover files and escape in the helicopter, or make sure that the enemy pilots have a really bad day.

    When interacting with each other, the players seek to interrogate, steal, or injure whenever they can. With a double-blind interaction mechanism that never really lets the tension ebb, a skilled agent will do a lot more than see through a bluff...


    3 Boards
    93 Cards
    11 Agent Tokens
    18 Action Discs
    29 Tiles

    Ages: 12+
    Players: 2-6
    Game Length: 45-60 minutes

    • Manufacturer: Ludicreations
    • Product: Redacted
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 859573004140
    • Release Date: September 1st, 2015

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