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Pokemon Japanese Gym Heroes / Leader's Stadium ALMOST Complete Set PSA Graded

Pokemon Japanese Gym Heroes / Leader's Stadium ALMOST Complete Set PSA Graded

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  • Pokemon Japanese Gym Heroes / Leader's Stadium ALMOST Complete Set PSA Graded

    Almost complete (missing only six cards!) set of Japanese Gym Heroes / Leader's Stadium, all PSA graded!

    34 out of 90 cards are PSA 10 GEM MINT!!!
    36 out of 90 cards are PSA 9 MINT!!!

    Brock's ZubatPSA9
    Erika's OddishPSA9
    Erika's OddishPSA9
    Erika's ParasPSA8
    Erika's BellsproutPSA7
    Erika's TangelaPSA8
    Erika's BulbasaurPSA9
    Brock's GolbatPSA9
    Erika's GloomPSA9
    Erika's BellsproutPSA9
    Erika's WeepinbellPSA9
    Erika's ExeggcutePSA9
    Erika's ExeggutorPSA9
    Erika's VileplumePSA9
    Erika's VictreebelPSA7
    Rocket's ScytherPSA10
    Brock's VulpixPSA9
    Brock's VulpixPSA9
    Brock's NinetalesPSA9
    Rocket's MoltresPSA9
    Misty's PsyduckPSA10
    Misty's PoliwagPSA9
    Misty's SeelPSA10
    Misty's HorseaPSA10
    Misty's HorseaMISSING
    Misty's GoldeenPSA10
    Misty's StaryuPSA7
    Misty's MagikarpPSA6
    Misty's PoliwhirlPSA10
    Misty's TentacoolPSA10
    Misty's DewgongPSA10
    Misty's GolduckPSA10
    Misty's TentacruelPSA10
    Misty's SeadraPSA7
    Misty's GyaradosPSA8
    Lt. Surge's PikachuPSA10
    Lt. Surge's MagnemitePSA9
    Lt. Surge's VoltorbPSA10
    Lt. Surge's MagnemitePSA10
    Lt. Surge's MagnetonPSA10
    Lt. Surge's ElectabuzzPSA8
    Lt. Surge's JolteonMISSING
    Brock's SandshrewPSA10
    Brock's DiglettPSA8
    Brock's MankeyPSA9
    Brock's GeodudePSA10
    Brock's GeodudePSA9
    Brock's OnixPSA10
    Brock's RhyhornPSA10
    Brock's SandslashPSA8
    Brock's PrimeapePSA9
    Brock's GravelerPSA9
    Brock's GolemPSA9
    Rocket's HitmonchanPSA10
    Brock's RhydonPSA8
    Lt. Surge's RattataPSA9
    Lt. Surge's SpearowPSA9
    Erika's JigglypuffPSA9
    Lt. Surge's RaticatePSA10
    Erika's ClefairyPSA9
    Brock's LickitungPSA9
    Lt. Surge's EeveePSA9
    Erika's DratiniPSA7
    Lt. Surge's FearowPSA9
    Erika's ClefablePSA8
    Erika's DragonairPSA10
    Energy FlowPSA9
    Misty's DuelPSA10
    Misty's TearsPSA6
    Narrow GymPSA10
    Erika's MaidsPSA9
    Erika's PerfumePSA10
    Misty's WrathPSA10
    Vermilion City GymPSA10
    Brock's Training MethodPSA9
    Celadon City GymPSA9
    Pewter City GymPSA10
    Cerulean City GymPSA6
    Lt. Surge's TreatyPSA6
    Good MannersPSA7
    Erika's KindnessPSA10
    Misty's WishPSA8
    Chaos GymMISSING
    Secret MissionPSA9
    Brock's ProtectionPSA10
    Resistance GymPSA10
    Lt. SurgePSA10
    Lt. Surge's Secret PlanPSA10
    No Removal GymPSA10
    The Rocket's Training GymMISSING
    The Rocket's TrapMISSING

    • Manufacturer: Pokemon USA
    • Product: Pokemon
    • Series: Gym Heroes
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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