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Kaijudo Dojo Edition Bull Rush Deck Box
  • Kaijudo Dojo Edition Bull Rush Deck Box
  • Kaijudo Dojo Edition Bull Rush Deck Box

Kaijudo Dojo Edition Bull Rush Deck Box

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  • Kaijudo Dojo Edition Bull Rush Deck Box

    Rocket Storm is a deck released alongside the Rise of the Duel Masters. The 40 card deck features 2 premium cards as well as a Code Card. Bull Rush is a Beatdown deck featuring Fire and Nature civilizations.

    8 decks per box

    D1/D1 Quillspike Tatsurion
    34/55 Bolt-Tail Dragon
    37/55 Draglide the Swiftest
    38/55 Drakon Weaponsmith
    39/55 Gatling Skyterror
    40/55 Gilaflame the Assaulter
    41/55 Little Hissy
    42/55 Om Nom Nom
    44/55 Tornado Flame
    45/55 Brave Giant
    46/55 Chief Many-Tribes
    48/55 Forest Hornet
    49/55 Karate Carrot
    50/55 Razorhide
    51/55 Root Trap
    52/55 Rumbling Terrasaur
    54/55 Sprout
    23/43 Blaze Belcher
    29/43 Overcharge
    30/43 Pyro Trooper
    31/43 Rock Bite
    32/43 Simian Trooper Grash
    34/43 Ambush Scorpion
    36/43 Bronze-Arm Tribe
    37/43 Essence Elf
    39/43 Return to the Soil

    Fire Civilization: 20
    1x Bolt-Tail Dragon
    1x Gilaflame the Assaulter
    1x Om Nom Nom
    3x Simian Trooper Grash
    1x Pyro Trooper
    2x Draglide the Swiftest
    2x Gatling Skyterror
    1x Little Hissy
    2x Drakon Weaponsmith
    2x Blaze Belcher
    1x Tornado Flame
    1x Overcharge
    2x Rock Bite

    Nature Civilization: 20
    1x Brave Giant
    1x Quillspike Tatsurion
    2x Rumbling Terrasaur
    2x Forest Hornet
    1x Karate Carrot
    2x Bronze-Arm Tribe
    2x Razorhide
    2x Ambush Scorpion
    1x Essence Elf
    1x Chief Many-Tribes
    1x Root Trap
    2x Return to the Soil
    2x Sprout

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Kaijudo
    • Series: Dojo Edition
    • UPC/Barcode: 653569795452
    • Release Date: July 1st, 2012

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