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Histrio (Asmodee)

Histrio (Asmodee)

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  • Histrio (Asmodee)

    The acclaimed Munificent Theatrical Festival is just around the corner, and while the King's mood is not yet settled, the show must go on! Histrio is an ever-changing game of card-collecting and resource management that pits players against each other to put on the best performance. Compete with the other troupes to recruit actors from around the kingdom and decide how your finest performers can serve you best. Once the actors have been recruited, the festival will begin and the player who best satisfies the king's fickle desires will emerge victorious.

    Histrio contains:

    100 cards
    35 wagons
    15 managers
    80 plastic coins

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 2-4

    It is that special time of year when the entire kingdom gathers at court for the Munificent
    Theatrical Festival. Acting troupes from all over the land will come together to perform plays of either light hearted comedy or soul wrenching tragedy. Will their performance win the favour of the King or will his fickle mood spell a flop?

    In Histrio, you travel the land recruiting actors to join your troupe. Assemble the right team and you
    might earn enough money to pay for an entire year of shows. It'll take careful planning and a little luck to out perform your competitors. The play is the thing in Histrio, and the world is your stage!

    istrio is about to put your talents as a producer of fine theater to the test! The cities are chock-full of talented performers just waiting to show the king what they can do, and you have a festival to prepare for. However, you are not the only troupe in town, so you'll have to make some tricky decisions about which actors will most benefit your show, and which will ensure the King's rewards land in your lap. Read on for a peek into the competitive world of theater so you can set the stage for success!

    The Cast

    Specialized actors of varying ranks will form the core of your troupe. The tragedians prefer to tug at heartstrings with emotional stories of death, suffering, and war, while your comedians aim to tickle the funny bone with tales of mayhem, satire, and irony. Either way, the stronger the specialization of your troupe, the more likely you are to take home copious amounts of gold.

    If you're a little uncertain about which type of show to put on, there are multitalented performers for hire across the kingdom. The Chameleons of the theater have experience with comedy and tragedy, making them a versatile addition to your cast. If you hire enough of these Chameleons, you could direct them to perform according to the King's desires and reap the rewards.

    Unique Talents

    Beyond these actors, you may also choose to hire uniquely talented acrobats. From the tough Bear to the quick Horse, these remarkable performers will provide you with useful abilities. When traveling, for example, you may choose to utilize the skills of the Turtle, who will allow you to choose your city after your opponents. This is particularly valuable when you absolutely need the available talent in a certain city. You could also cause some mischief by using it to thwart the efforts of the other recruiters.

    May of the available acrobats are skilled travelers, but a few can also help you to influence the King's mood. Whether his humor leans toward comedy or tragedy can heavily impact the outcome of each season, and influencing his preference may take skill and sacrifice. The sneaky Fox, however, can change the game significantly by flipping the mood meter from tragedy to comedy, or vice versa. With the Fox in play, nobody can predict how the game will end, keeping your opponents on thier toes from start to finish.

    While acrobats don't ultimately have an impact on your balance between comedy and tragedy, they are a resilient bunch. The only cards in the game to be played out in front of you, it's no secret what tools you have available in these deft hirelings. However, savvy players will soon find the threat of their presence is enough to turn the tables in your favor. Additionally, the acrobats are not discarded at the end of the first season, but instead reenergized, meaning that if you are lucky enough to pick up the acrobat in the first season, you may get to use it twice!

    Seven eager acrobats await your decision, so it's time to audition the local talent and finalize your cast list. Settle on a tragedy or comedy, collect adaptable Chameleons, and take advantage of the resourceful acrobats in order to put together an extraordinary show. The King and his court will have the final say, but talented actors and clever decisions will undoubtedly help you impress the right people and secure the win in Histrio.

    • Manufacturer: Asmodee
    • Product: Histrio
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 3770000010480
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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