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Hordes: Skorne Faction Deck Box MKIII (Privateer Press)

Hordes: Skorne Faction Deck Box MKIII (Privateer Press)

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  • Hordes: Skorne Faction Deck Box MKIII (Privateer Press)

    Faction Decks contain all the stat cards for a player's miniatures within a faction that have currently been released, providing you essential tools for a quick reference of abilities, stats, as well as keeping track of damage received during game play.

    With all new updated and redesigned cards for every model currently released up until 1st June 2016, this faction deck is a must for every Skorne collector.

    This deck box contains 105 colored stat cards.

    Please Note: This deck box does not contain any stat cards for Mercenary or Minion models.

    A savage force from the Eastern lands, Skorne warriors are a merciless breed, hell bent on death and destruction. Huge Cyclops' and towering Gladiators rampage across the battlefield with all the force and fury of a massive siege engine. Nothing will stand in their way!

    • Manufacturer: Privateer Press
    • Product: Warmachine
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 875582018633
    • Release Date: July 11th, 2016

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