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Decipher Star Trek Second Ed. Strange New Worlds Booster Box

Decipher Star Trek Second Ed. Strange New Worlds Booster Box
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  • Decipher Star Trek Second Ed. Strange New Worlds Booster Box

    30 Packs per Box, 11 Cards per Pack,

    The Ferengi arrive to Second Edition! With this long-awaited and often troublesome affiliation come many new options and strategies that will enliven gameplay and excite collectors. Strange New Worlds also offers up an entirely new sub-strategy utilizing androids plus hologram personnel and the classic game play players have come to expect from STAR TREK Second Edition CCG. New "Archive" inserts add a new level of collectability that will entice collectors and players alike! Too much for one expansion? As the Ferengi believe: "Enough is never enough!"

    30 Packs per Box, 11 Cards per Pack,

    - New "Archive" inserts!
    - 18-card "Archive" foil subset 1:8 on average,
    - 2-card "Archive Portraits" foil subset 1:70 packs on average

    For pre-orders only, each box will come with one foil card: "Dr. Leonard McCoy, Remarkable Man"!

    Gameplay Features:
    - The Ferengi introduce new mechanics that allow the stockpiling of profits to increase their power and influence
    - New androids infuse a sub-strategy that incorporates incredible power with flexibility in deck building options
    - Colorful non-aligned Hologram personnel add their unique attributes and skills to the mix
    - New missions for Ferengi and other affiliations to challenge players.
    - Flagons of Ferengi to collect and trade including Quark, Rom, Bok and a Ferengi version of Lwaxana Troi!
    - Infamous androids appear in the set such as B-4, Soong-type Android, Ruk. And Data's Father: Noonian Soong.
    - Famous and infamous hologram personnel include Minuet, Sigmund Freud and Vic Fontaine
    - Favorite characters such as Spock, Montgomery Scott, and Kivas Fajo return
    - 120-card set includes 40 rare, 40 uncommon, and 40 common cards

    • Manufacturer: Decipher
    • Product: Star Trek
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 045748105211
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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