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AEG Legend of the Five Rings Path of Hope Booster Box

AEG Legend of the Five Rings Path of Hope Booster Box

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  • AEG Legend of the Five Rings Path of Hope Booster Box

    48 packs per box, 11 cards per pack

    Who Will Find the Path of Hope?

    The last descendent of the prophet Shinsei lies dead. However, Ashahina Sekawa has achieved the dream of generations- Enlightenment. Word spreads throughout the Empire, leaving turmoil, and wonder, in its wake. A new Age is upon Rokugan.

    Hida Kisada, the Great Bear, has returned to walk the lands of Rokugan as a mortal once more. In his fortress at the Kaiu Wall he broods, seeing new plots arise from the City of the Lost. To battle the growing chaos within the Shadowlands, the Dark Lord Daigotsu seeks a most unikely ally, the Emire itself. While forces within the Rokugan have allied with darkness before, this time the Dark Lord seeks a different path- official rocognition of the Lost as a Great Clan.

    The sons of Toturi strive to find balance in the Imperial City. Toturi III, the Righteous Emperor, has made an uneasy peace with the Shogun, while the troubled Wolf, the most powerful shungenja in the Empire, watches events with growing unease. Meanwhile, rumors circulate of treason- the wife of the Crane Champion has been accused of conspiracy with the Gozoku- and no denial has been forthcoming...

    New conflicts swirl, armies march, alliances crumbe, and an age of Enlightenment begins...

    • Manufacturer: AEG
    • Product: Legend of the Five Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 029220140105
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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