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Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter Box

Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter Box

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  • Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter Box

    10 decks per box. 52 cards per deck.

    Chaotic is the Revolutionary new collectable trading card game that takes TCGs and online game play to the next level with the inclusion of integrated multi-level online game play at no extra charge. The Chaotic online game experience is FREE with the purchase of each Starter Deck and Booster Pack. The Power is in the Code.

    Every Chaotic card contains a unique code that unlocks a digital card playable on the FREE Chaotic online gaming portal . Chaotic is designed from the inception to be an interconnected Brand. The online game experience, the video game, cell and wireless connections , toys, and, most importantly, trading cards are all core elements to the game play and interact with each other through the central database where all the unique codes are stored. allows players to store and share their cards in an online card portfolio, trade cards, build battle groups join the Chaotic communities, challenge friends and compete in a secure parent-friendly environment against other Chaotic players - All for FREE*! (*With purchase of Chaotic cards)

    * Double the Game Play Value - Every Chaotic card delivers double the game play value unlike other TCGs, which require an additional purchase to play online.
    * Preview the online game experience - which will launch in May 2007. Enter the code found at the bottom of the promotional Chaotic cards.
    * Chaotic Television - The Chaotic TV series airs on 4Kids TV/Fox Network every Saturday morning (Sunday morning in some markets) and is also available on Comcast VOD. The Chaotic Television series streams online at , reaching millions of kids every week. The Chaotic Television series shows viewers how to play Chaotic as well as uncovers special tips and strategies viewers can use to become better Chaotic players -- all while showcasing the adventures of Chaotic game players like Tom, Kaz Peyton and Sarah. Go to for local station listings
    * Immediate Action - Players start the game with access to ALL of their cards immediately. There is no slow resource build-up as in other games. In Chaotic, players experience immediate game play action as they battle for supremacy in the work of Perim. Players take turns moving their Creatures on the Chaotic Playmat (battle grid) and challenging their opponent's Creatures to battle until only one is left standing!
    * Get Started - Every Chaotic starter deck containts everything a player needs to start playing a 6 creature Chaotic card game immediately, both online (once the codes are entered) or offline. Randomly inserted sets of chase cards will be available in the Starter deck series, as well as a separate chase series in the Booster packs...
    * Scalable = Low Barrier to Entry - The game is scalable to a player's collection and time considerations. Players may elect to play with as few as one creature in their army or with 3,6,10,15,21 -- up to a Chaos Master level of 28...
    * Novice and Master Game Rules - Provided to accommodate the youngest players in the demographic.
    * Incredible Card Art - Drawn by highly acclaimed artists and unlike any other TCG on the market.
    * Variable Stats on Each Card - Every Chaotic Creature card has a series of variable Wisdom, Power, Courage and Speed statistics. No two creature cards are exactly the same -- and no two Chaotic games are ever the same.
    * Unique Local and National Organized Play Programs - Chaotic OP will have kids clamoring to play the game. Look for upcoming announcements regarding May 2007 launch.
    * Chaotic is brought to you by TC Digital Games and bey 4Kids Entertainment, the same people who launched the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! brands worldwide, outside of Asia.
    * Get Chaotic - The power is in the Code!

    • Manufacturer: 4Kidz
    • Product: Chaotic
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 813770011929
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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