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Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives Hobby Box (Topps 2014)

Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives Hobby Box (Topps 2014)

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Product Highlights

  • 24 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack
  • Two Hits Per Box!
  • One Silver Helmet Medallion Per Box!
  • Find Prism Referactors, X-Fractors, Superfractors!
  • Look for Rebel and Empire Propaganda Cards!
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Item Description
Item Details
  • Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives Hobby Box (Topps 2014)

    Each Box contains Two Hits, including One Silver Helmet Medallion, and Twenty-Four Refractors (One Per Pack)!!

    Find Insert Cards inslcuding Rebel Wanted Posters, Empire Priority Targets, Rebel Training Cards, Rebel Propaganda, and Empire Propaganda!

    Look for Parallel Cards including Prism Refractor, X-Fractor, Gold Refractor, and Superfractor!

    Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives explores the viewpoints of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as they battle one another for control of the Galaxy!


    BASE CARDS: 100 Cards

    Profiling characters from the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.

    - 50 Rebel Alliance and 50 Empire cards


    Rebel Wanted Posters: 10 Cards (1:2 Packs)

    Top 10 most wanted Rebel scum sought after by the Empire.

    Empire Priority Targets: 10 Cards (1:4 Packs)

    Top ranking individuals of the Empire targeted by the Rebel Alliance .

    Rebel Training Cards: 10 Cards (1:8 Packs)

    Cards preparing recruits for guerilla warfare against the Empire.

    Rebel Alliance Propaganda: 10 Cards (1:12 Packs)

    Cards soliciting support for the Rebel Alliance's cause.

    Empire Propaganda: 10 Cards (1:24 Packs)

    Cards illustrating the strength and overwhelming power of the Empire


    Standard Refractor (1 Per Pack)

    Prism Refractor (numbered to 199)

    X-Fractor (numbered to 99)

    Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)

    Superfractor (numbered to 1)


    Silver Helmet Medallions 1 per box (includes gold)

    Gold Helmet Medallions 100 per subject


    On-Card Autographs 5,000 total

    - Gold Autograph Parallels - 10 per subject

    - Superfractor Autograph Parallels - 1 Per Subject


    Printing Plates 600 total

    Autographed Printing Plates 4 per subject


    Chrome Sketch Cards 10,000 Total

    24 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Star Wars Chrome
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 887521018482
    • Release Date: May 14th, 2014

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