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2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box

2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box

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Product Highlights

  • One Civil War Cut Signature Card!
  • One Hand-Drawn Gettysburg Art Card!
  • Four limited Civil War Base Cards!
  • 150 serially hand-numbered boxes produced!
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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2013 Famous Fabrics Ink Civil War Hobby Box

    ONLY 150 BOXES MADE !!!

    Each Civil War box will contain:

    - One Civil War Cut Signature Card
    - One Hand-Drawn Gettysburg Art Card
    - Four limited Civil War Base Cards

    There will only be 150 serially hand-numbered boxes produced!

    Civil War Art Card Checklist:

    Abraham Lincoln
    J.E.B. Stuart
    George Armstrong Custer
    George Gordon Meade
    George Pickett
    James Longstreet
    Jefferson Davis
    John Buford
    John F. Reynolds
    Joseph Hooker
    Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
    Richard S. Ewell
    Robert E. Lee
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Winfield Scott Hancock

    All Civil War Art Cards are hand-drawn on-card pieces of art. Each card is dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Each cards is a unique 1/1. There are 10 of each card in the product.

    Civil War Base Card Checklist:

    1 Appomattox Treaty
    2 Battle of Antietam
    3 Battle of Chancellorsville
    4 Battle of Chattanooga
    5 Battle of Fort Donelson
    6 Battle of Fort Sumter
    7 Battle of Gettysburg
    8 Battle of Shiloh
    9 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
    10 Battle of Stones River
    11 Battle of Vicksburg
    12 Capture of New Orleans
    13 First Battle of Bull Run
    14 Gettysburg Address
    15 Sherman's March To The Sea

    Civil War 1/1 Cut Signature Checklist:

    1 Abraham Lincoln Union
    2 Absalom Baird Union
    3 Adna R. Chaffee Union
    4 Adolphus W. Greely Union
    5 Alfred H. Terry Union
    6 Alfred Thayer Mahan Union
    7 Ambrose Burnside Union
    8 Andrew Barclay Spurling Union
    9 Arent Schuyler Crowninshield Union
    10 Arthur MacArthur, Jr. Union
    11 Benjamin F. Isherwood Union
    12 Benjamin Franklin Butler Union
    13 Benjamin W. Brice Union
    14 Byron M. Cutcheon Union
    15 Cadwalader Ringgold Union
    16 Charles A. Hill Union
    17 Charles B. Clark Union
    18 Charles Brooks Smith Union
    19 Charles Camp Doolittle Union
    20 Charles Champlain Townsend Union
    21 Charles Dwight Sigsbee Union
    22 Charles E. Belknap Union
    23 Charles H. Van Wyck Union
    24 Charles Preston Wickham Union
    25 Charles Vernon Gridley Union
    26 Clara Barton Union
    27 Daniel McCook Union
    28 David Dixon Porter Union
    29 David G. Farragut Union
    30 Edward Moale Union
    31 Edward S. Bragg Union
    32 Edward Winslow Hincks Union
    33 Edwin M. Stanton Union
    34 Elijah A. Morse Union
    35 Eugene H.C. Leutze Union
    36 Fitz John Porter Union
    37 Fletcher Webster Union
    38 Francis B. Spinola Union
    39 Frank D. Baldwin Union
    40 Franz Sigel Union
    41 George B. McClellan Union
    42 George Cadwalader Union
    43 George Dewey Union
    44 George E. Seney Union
    45 George M. Robeson Union
    46 Gideon Welles Union
    47 Harrison Kelley Union
    48 Henry Clay Taylor Union
    49 Henry L. Howison Union
    50 Henry Martyn Robert Union
    51 Henry Shaw Briggs Union
    52 Henry Van Ness Boynton Union
    53 Henry Washington Benham Union
    54 Horace Porter Union
    55 James B. Ricketts Union
    56 James W. Owens Union
    57 John Adams Dix Union
    58 John Alexander Joyce Union
    59 John Charles Black Union
    60 John Franklin Miller Union
    61 John Grimes Walker Union
    62 John Kidd Murphy Union
    63 John McAllister Schofield Union
    64 John P. Gillis Union
    65 John Pope Union
    66 John Willock Noble Union
    67 Joseph Hooker Union
    68 Joseph Roswell Hawley Union
    69 Lew Wallace Union
    70 Lewis A. Kimberly Union
    71 Louis M. Goldsborough Union
    72 Louis N. Stodder Union
    73 Mary Edwards Walker Union
    74 Nelson A. Miles Union
    75 Orris S. Ferry Union
    76 Orville E. Babcock Union
    77 Philip H. Sheridan Union
    78 Philip St. George Cooke Union
    79 Robert Anderson Union
    80 Robert G. Ingersoll Union
    81 Robert Todd Lincoln Union
    82 Robley Dunglison Evans Union
    83 Samuel Baldwin Marks Young Union
    84 Stanley Matthews Union
    85 Theophilus Francis Rodenbough Union
    86 Thomas Hamlin Hubbard Union
    87 Thomas O. Selfridge Union
    88 Thomas Scott Allen Union
    89 Ulysses S. Grant Union
    90 William Cogswell Union
    91 William H. Wade Union
    92 William Ludlow Union
    93 William Rufus Shafter Union
    94 William S. Rosecrans Union
    95 William Tecumseh Sherman Union
    96 William W. Henry Union
    97 Albert Gallatin Brown Confederate
    98 Alexander P. Stewart Confederate
    99 Benjamin H. Bunn Confederate
    100 Charles Frederick Crisp Confederate
    101 Charles Triplett O'Ferrall Confederate
    102 Charles W. McClammy Confederate
    103 Constantine B. Kilgore Confederate
    104 David B. Culberson Confederate
    105 Francis Marion Cockrell Confederate
    106 George Thomas Barnes Confederate
    107 George Washington Cable Confederate
    108 George Washington Custis Lee Confederate
    109 Henry Gray Turner Confederate
    110 Hilary A. Herbert Confederate
    111 Howell Cobb Confederate
    112 James D. Richardson Confederate
    113 James Henderson Blount Confederate
    114 James S. Cothran Confederate
    115 Jefferson Davis Confederate
    116 John C. Breckinridge Confederate
    117 Joseph E. Johnston Confederate
    118 Joseph Wheeler Confederate
    119 Lucius Q.C. Lamar II Confederate
    120 P.G.T. Beauregard Confederate
    121 Rice Alexander Pierce Confederate
    122 Richard Henry Clarke Confederate
    123 Roger Q. Mills Confederate
    124 Simon Bolivar Buckner Confederate
    125 Stephen Dill Lee Confederate
    126 William Henry Fitzhugh Lee Confederate
    127 William J. Hardee Confederate
    128 Alexander S. Webb Gettysburg
    129 Andrew A. Humphreys Gettysburg
    130 Carl Schurz Gettysburg
    131 Daniel Sickles Gettysburg
    132 Darius N. Couch Gettysburg
    133 Fitzhugh Lee Gettysburg
    134 George J. Stannard Gettysburg
    135 Henry H. Bingham Gettysburg
    136 Henry L. Eustis Gettysburg
    137 Henry Warner Slocum Gettysburg
    138 James Longstreet Gettysburg
    139 John Bell Hood Gettysburg
    140 John Brown Gordon Gettysburg
    141 John C. Robinson Gettysburg
    142 Jubal Anderson Early Gettysburg
    143 Lewis A. Grant Gettysburg
    144 Oliver O. Howard Gettysburg
    145 Robert E. Lee Gettysburg
    146 Wade Hampton III Gettysburg
    147 William H. Forney Gettysburg
    148 William Mahone Gettysburg
    149 William W. Wells Gettysburg
    150 Winfield Scott Hancock Gettysburg

    • Manufacturer: Creative Cardboard Concepts
    • Product: Famous Fabrics
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 680569347909
    • Release Date: August 1st, 2013

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