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July ‘Hit of the Month’ Entry #3 – We have a 1 of 1 Patch!!

We have yet another entry from our old Transit retail location, apparently there was a lot of pack ripping to say farewell to the store before we moved into our new location just a mile up the road. Well what better way to send us off then a 1/1 Patch card? Joe K opened a […]

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June ‘Hit of the Month’ Prospect Entry #5 – Luxury Suite Gold

The attraction to Panini Luxury Suite continues to occur here at Dave & Adam’s Brian B from our Niagara Falls location pulled this attractive 2010/11 Panini Luxury Suite Patrick Hornqvist/Martin Erat Dual Patch Gold Variation #’d to 10 Both are two-color patches and it looks great in person.   Great pull Brian! Good Luck in […]

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