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Friday Night Magic: The Winner’s Circle #10

Hi everybody and welcome to another edition of the Winner’s Circle! Our FNM winner from two weeks ago was Dan Vania. Unfortunately, I was unable to get in touch with him for an interview. Our winner last week was Dan Morris. I was able to get in touch with Dan and talk with him a […]

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Dan’s Buying Blog: Magic the Gathering Cards from Origins

I recently attended the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, with a few other members of the DACW Buying Team. We rolled into town with buying on the mind, and that’s exactly what we did. I was able to make some big purchases of Magic the Gathering products. Some of the highlights include a complete […]

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Grand Prix Las Vegas

What Happens In Vegas

We’re living in an amazing time for Magic the Gathering. More people are playing now than have ever played before. The Grand Prix in Charlotte shattered the previous record for the largest Magic event. The Las Vegas Grand Prix has already beaten that number in pre-registration (by the way if you haven’t heard, you better […]

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The Motor City Magic Haul

The Dave and Adam’s buying team was in Detroit this past weekend for Motor City Comic Con and we managed to make a significant purchase of sealed booster boxes of Magic the Gathering cards in addition to a ton of great comic books.  We spent thousands on Magic the Gathering Cards at the Comic Con […]

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MTG Tournament

A Casual Player In The Competitive Court: Dave and Adam’s Grand Prix Trial

Often, I am accused of being to casual and laid back as a tournament organizer and to this accusation I announce, “Proudly.” I can’t help it. I was never a competitive player. No matter the venue the flavor was always more important to me then the win. I remember laughing myself sick at the flavor […]

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Dan’s Buying Blog: Rare Magic the Gathering Products

I’ve been buying a lot of great older Magic the Gathering products lately, and I recently picked up another nice collection. Highlighting this list of items are a Sealed Regular and International Beta Collector’s Edition Set. These sets were made in 1993 and identical to the 302 card Beta set, with the only difference being […]

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Magic: The Gathering T-Shirts Now Available

Dave & Adam’s now has Magic: The Gathering T-Shirts available on our website for purchase. Tan, Avacyn: Angel of Hope Black, Lord of Innistrad Sizes range from Medium to 3-XL.

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The Day I learned how to play Magic The Gathering.

A day that will surely live in infamy. Two things crossed my mind when I received a text from Dave & Adam’s gaming product manager on my way home from work last Friday. The first being why I even gave the gaming product manager my number in the first place and the second being why […]

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Rare Magic The Gathering Arabian Nights Box

Our gaming buyer Dan just picked up a sealed box of Magic the Gathering Arabian Nights.  The 4th release from Wizards of the Coast, Arabian is one of the rarest boxes to find sealed.  With 60 packs of 8 cards each, just imagine how many Juzam Djinn, Library of Alexandria, Bazaar of Baghdad, and Diamond […]

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