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Upper Deck Announces 2012/13 Fleer Retro Basketball

Following the release of the incredibly popular 2011/12 Fleer Retro Basketball, Upper Deck has announced the set will return this year. Here is the initial product information that was released as well as few preview images.

Regular Set:
Regular Cards (50)
Rookie Sensations (30)

Top Inserts:
Fresh Ink Autographs (1999-2000)
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems (#’d to 100 or less)
Flair Legacy Row 1 (# to 150)
Flair Legacy Row 0 (# to 100)
Fleer EX Essential Credentials (Varied #)

5 cards per pack
10 packs per inner box
2 inner boxes per main box
6 main boxes per case

Break Summary: (on average)
Six (6) Autographs in every box!
Each 10-pack inner box has three (3) autos!

Four (4) inserts per box (two per inner box) from the following:
Fleer E/X Essential Credentials – NEW!!
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems – NEW!!
Z-Force Rave – NEW!!
Z-Force Super Rave – NEW!!
Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion – NEW!!
Flair Legacy Row 1 – NEW!!
Flair Legacy Row 0 – NEW!!
Fleer Mystique Raise the Roof – NEW!!
Fleer Tradition Playmakers Theatre – NEW!!
Fleer Tradition Thrill Seekers – NEW!!
Fleer Molten Metal – NEW!!
Z-Force Big Men on Court – NEW!!
Fleer Ultra Starring Role – NEW!!
Fleer Ultra Court Masters – NEW!!

Other Details:
Get two (2) Fleer EX cards per main box (1 per inner box)! – NEW!!
Collect Lucky 13 inserts! – NEW!!
Falling one (1) per main box!
Rookie Sensations fall 1:3 packs
Featuring 2012-13 Rookies on the retro 1991-92 Rookie Sensation design!

Preview Images:

With the product set to release in June, we’ll have more details on the product as it becomes available. Look for a pre-order available in our basketball cards section soon.

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