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Panini announces more info regarding National Sports Collectors Convention Promotion and VIP Party

Panini has provided more details on how their big “VIP” Party redemption program for the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention will work.  Apparently in order to keep things fair and easy and help you spend the necessary $6500 Panini has instituted a National Convention Minimum Advertised Price Policy on an assortment of current products that will be relevant to the redemption.  Here is the list of products with pricing:


2011 Limited – MAPP $65
2011 Prime Cuts – MAPP $165
2011 Contenders – MAPP $110


2011-12 Gold Standard – MAPP $200
2011-12 Limited – MAPP $100
2011-12 Past & Present – MAPP $100


2012 Elite – MAPP $120
2012 Prestige – MAPP $96
2011 Totally Certified – MAPP $120
2011 Playbook – MAPP $150
2011 Prime Signatures – MAPP $50


2011-12 Elite – MAPP $100
2011-12 Contenders – MAPP $100
2011-12 Rookie Anthology – MAPP $100

So, if you are coming to the National and want to take part in Panini’s promotion this will give you a good idea of what you will be spending to reach the $6500.

We will have more information regarding Panini’s crazy, off the wall party as it becomes available!  Be sure to check back.

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