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In The Game: Broad Street Boys Releases June 29th

The momentum is building for the June 29th release of Broad Street Boys. With only 4,000 packs/boxes being released, this product might sell out faster than our Captain-C product did.

Click here to view the Game-Used Memorabilia, Autograph, Base Card and Paper Cuts checklist.

Here is some new information about the product.



Cards on the PaperCuts checklist include; Pelle Lindbergh, Fred Shero, Kate Smith, Barry Ashbee, Roger Neilson, Wayne Stephenson, Peter Zezel, Brad McCrimmon and Rick Lapointe.

Raised to the Rafters

We are very pleased with this Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia checklist of Broad Street Boys whose numbers hang proudly from the rafters. They are the building blocks of the franchise.

The Autograph Card checklist is now posted.

The Base Cards in this product will not disappoint. There is a 100-card Base Set with silver and gold versions.

Even only a few Flyers fans know his real name. They simply know him as “Sign Man.”

Dave Leonardi has been making Flyers fans smile since 1972 with the comical and sometimes controversial signs that he holds up during games. His signs have occasionally infuriated officials, during a game at the Spectrum in which Dave thought the Flyers were getting short-changed by the officials, he displayed a sign that represented an eye chart. Linesman Matt Pavelich was not amused and had a verbal battle with Dave over the glass.

Over the years, Sign Man has taken his place in Flyers lore. In a Hockey Hall of Fame “time capsule” for notable characters from the 1970s, Leonardi is mentioned with Derek Sanderson, Dave “Tiger” Williams, Don Cherry and Peter Puck.

Dave brings around 100 signs to each game. He has about 300 more at home. Each sign is 19-by-22-inches. Some of his sign ideas are derived from listening to what the fans say around him. A teacher by trade, Dave now 60 says; “I’m just having fun with 19,000 of my friends.” Well here is some exciting news for fans of the Sign Man and collectors of In The Game trading cards. Randomly inserted into boxes of Broad Street Boys will be a bonus autograph card of the Sign Man. This card will not replace another card, it will added to the box making the total number of cards in that box 15.

Remember only 4,000 packs/boxes are being made.  14 cards per pack/box made up of 8 Premium Base Cards and 6 inserts (a mix of Autograph & Game-Used Memorabilia Cards).

Order yours now.

Release Date June 29, 2012

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