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10 Awesome Cryptozoic Batman: The Legend Sketch Cards

It’s a great time to be a collector who enjoys cards and comics. Cryptozoic, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse and others are working hard to bring fresh artwork and lots of support to some important licenses. The latest is Batman: The Legend from Cryptozoic.

Like their recent DC Comics: The New 52, everything in the set is new. No recycled images that have been used elsewhere. All the base cards on the Batman: The Legend checklist come from a group of 17 different artists.

Add to that is, for many, the main draw (pun not intended) of the set — sketch cards. Nearly 150 different artists drew cards for the release. Spread that across a huge cast of characters, and you’ve got a lot of unique pieces. A lot.

Sketch cards downplay the quality of these cards. Sure, some will be more desirable, but all show a good amount of detail, style and care for the subject matter. For those who might not be familiar with sketch cards, they have artwork drawn directly on the card, making them a small piece of artwork.

Batman: The Legend sketch cards fall at least one per box. However, some boxes are delivering a second, adding a little intrigue and unpredictability. There is also a handful of redemptions for over-sized sketch cards done by either Jonathan Wayshak, Tim Shay or Matias Streb.

Here’s a showcase of ten Cryptozoic Batman: The Legend sketch cards that have popped up so far. All are among the top sellers that have traded online in the set’s first couple of weeks.

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