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Phenomenal Pulls: Manny Pacquiao Autograph

We recently received this awesome news from Brian R. in Texas about a Phenomenal Pull .. Let’s let Brian tell the story ….


‘I was visiting my brother in Texas and we decided to “relive the glory days” and go through all of his baseball cards.  Since I was from out of town, I couldn’t bring mine along with me; so instead I bought a case of 2011 Allen and Ginter.  It started off pretty well as I pulled a Wood Mini card (1/1) on the very first box.  Things got better when I pulled a State Relic cabinet card of the New England states (includes part of the Green Monster) numbered 29/50.  But, there is no way I would ever have expected the next card.  I have attached a scan of the Manny Pacquiao RED Auto 05/10.  I still had 3 hobby boxes left and realized that everything would be downhill from there, but my goodness – I guess a box of Baseball cards has turned me into a Boxing fan!  Thanks for the Phenomenal case and a great walk down memory lane with my brother.’


WOW!!! What a pull from Allen & Ginter … Thanks for sharing Brian!!!

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