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July ‘Hit of the Month’ Entry #15 – Passing The Torch

Another new release this week, 2012 Elite Football brought Matt W, a die-hard football fan into the store to try his luck. What he found was a killer dual sided, dual autograph of two of the greatest quarterbacks that have ever lived.

Check it;

(Front) John Elway Autograph

(Back) Peyton Manning Autograph

The card is #’d to 20 and the only thing that could’ve made this card better would be if Peyton was in a Broncos Jersey. But despite that the card is an absolute find and fans would kill to have it.

I just wanna hug this guy

Matt was excited about the card, as usual. One of the most genuine collectors out there. It can be a dual auto like this or a base card of a kicker, the smile is always the same. Welcome to the Hit of the Month kiddo – Good Luck!

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