Heavy Snowfall Impacting Shipments

For the safety of our employees our offices and warehouse will be closed today. We will begin shipping orders as soon as possible
To help make it up, here is a $10 off a $100 coupon: 868-7Z9R.
Your order must be placed by Wednesday November 26th and is a one time use only.

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Phenomenal Pulls: Lidstrom & Seguin Jersey/Autos from 2010/11 Cup Hockey!

Steve recently purchased a case of 2010/11 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey as a birthday present to himself and was extremely happy with his two key hits:

Nicklas Lidstrom Honorable Numbers Jersey/Auto numbered 2 of 5!


Tyler Seguin Jersey/Auto numbered 60 of 99!

Not a bad birthday present at all…Happy Birthday Steve!

Dave and Adam's Card World

About Dave and Adam's Card World

Dave and Adam's Card World is one of the largest sellers of trading cards and collectibles in the world. Located just outside of Buffalo NY, the company operates five retail stores as well as the e-commerce website www.dacardworld.com


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