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2014 Topps Triple Threads Football preview

The Topps Triple Threads brand is known for delivering sharp looking memorabilia cards with multiple jersey and patch swatches plus unique relic pieces. Topps keeps up the tradition with the 2014 release of Triple Threads Football. Each master box comes with two miniboxes. Miniboxes will contain one of two different configurations of cards. The first […]

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Friday Night Magic recap for December 5

Welcome back to another Dave and Adam’s Friday Night recap. We had two new winners this week, starting with our Standard winner, Tyler Bajer. 1x Mana Confluence 1x Shivan Reef 2x Temple of Epiphany 4x Yavimaya Coast 4x Wooded Foothills 2x Mountain 4x Frontier Bivouac 3x Forest 2x Ashcloud Phoenix 4x Boons Satyr 4x Polukanos, […]

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