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Friday Night Magic Recap for 10/31

We were very happy to have so many people show up to our Halloween edition of Friday Night Magic. We have two new winners this week, so let’s get started with our Standard winner Cade Ryan: 4x Thoughtsieze 2x Bile Blight 2x Drown in Sorrow 3x Hero’s Downfall 3x Abzan Charm 2x Utter End 1x […]

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Panini Locks Up More Exclusive College Deals

Panini has struck a blow against Upper Deck in the latest chapter of the ongoing battle between the two trading card companies to lock up exclusive contracts with major sports properties. Panini announced Tuesday that it has signed exclusive trading card agreements with over 200 universities, including Mississippi State, Baylor, NC State and Kansas State. […]

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2015 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 preview

Garbage Pail Kids will take us out to the ballgame in 2015 with special baseball-themed inserts in 2015 Garabage Pail Kids Series 1. Topps is celebrating their 30th anniversary of Garbage Pail Kids with several classic characters featured in new baseball-themed All-Star Stickers (found 1:12 packs) plus a set of ten baseball mascot stickers (1:6 […]

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