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2015-16 Hit Parade Stars of Hockey Autographed Hockey Puck Edition – Series 2 Preview

We are so excited to be launching the 2015/16 Hit Parade Stars of Hockey Autographed Hockey Puck Series #2 Edition.   The checklist for series #2 puck parade is just jam packed with superstars and future stars from the hockey world! Each box contains an autographed puck authenticated by either Upper Deck, AJ’s Sportsworld, Frameworth, Frozen […]

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DACW Live’s Super Serial Showdown

Hey DACW Live Lounge fans, it’s Alex and his pet gorilla Sean coming at you with a HUGE announcement! In response to the resounding success of my “Cody Count Cup Challenge” Sean and I are offering an exciting new monthly challenge that is open to ALL personal breaks done here in the Lounge. We’re calling […]

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CGC unveils new holders for graded comics

Certified Grading Company (CGC) recently unveiled it’s new holder for graded comics and we are happy to say we’re impressed. After having a handful of our books placed in the new holder, the books present with a high level of clarity resulting in greater eye appeal. Also the sturdier design allows for better preservation as […]

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