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Dave & Adam’s Gaming – Check out the unopened sealed Pokemon 1st Edition boxes we just got in!

The Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition English boxes are the Holy Grail pieces of any Pokemon collection. This is the very first printing of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it flew off the shelves when it first came out, and has been tremendously rare throughout its history for anyone ever looking to purchase one now.

The set was so popular they had a second run of the cards in the Shadowless printing, followed by four different print runs of the Unlimited variation.

This set contains the most iconic cards that people think of when discussing the Pokemon card games, and a BGS 10 1st edition Charizard is $50,000 on its own!

These boxes are almost impossible to find, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Pokemon history! Watch our very own Joe Steet talk more about this buy int he video below. Have gaming cards that you are looking to sell? Email Joe at for more information.




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