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A Brief History of Wonder Woman

Last weekend saw the much anticipated release of Wonder Woman in theaters across the world. While her character has been prominent for over 75 years, this is her first foray on the big screen and it has been nothing short of a smashing success, adding another pivotal cog to the growing DC Extended Universe. But […]

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Major Comic Purchase – Amazing Fantasy, Detective Comics & Wonder Woman!

It’s no secret we’ve bought and sold a substantial amount of copies of significant key issues here at Dave & Adam’s. That being said, this comic collection that we just purchased definitely stands out. We just picked up what is arguably one of the nicest 6.0 (Fine) copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 signed by Spider-Man’s legendary […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends!

Debuting in the anthology series Amazing Fantasy in 1962, Spider-Man has grown to become one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. His first appearance would go onto spawn movie franchises, video games and countless other pop culture products. It’s for these reasons that we are always buying vintage Spider-Man comics like […]

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