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#DACWPulls – 12 Hits of Christmas 2015

Once again we asked collectors to share their best hits they pulled during the Christmas holiday weekend. We’ve taken the 12 best and ranked them for the 2015 edition of the 12 Hits of Christmas. #12. Nick Rimando 2015 Topps Apex Soccer jersey patch #’d /5 Real Salt Lake fan and collector Robert found this […]

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#DACWPulls: Charles’s Baseball Bonanza

One of our regular baseball customers, Charles, just sent in a bevy of hits he pulled recently. He landed some very nice bats, including an autographed Rod Carew game used bat from 2014 Onyx Clubhouse Collection Lumber Edition Baseball. It was used sometime between 1984-85 according to the COA. He pulled a pair of Miguel […]

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#DACWPulls: Spectra 1/1s and Mariota Madness

Last week we posted the hits from DACW Live’s first case of 2015 Panini Spectra Football, but that case appears to have been topped by their second one. DACW Live cracked case #2 on Tuesday, and scored some amazing 1/1 pulls and some Marcus Mariota hits. The base cards in Spectra come in an array […]

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#DACWPulls: Spectacular Spectra

2015 Panini Spectra Football came out this week, and DACW Live got their hands on a case for group break on Thursday. What they pulled from the case was outstanding with some jaw-dropping hits. The best of the bunch was a Tom Brady game-used patch auto that is numbered 2/3. Whoever had the Patriots in […]

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