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2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup release day case break recap

Dave & Adam’s and DACW Live celebrated the release of the 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup hockey by breaking five cases of the product on our live web stream. Here’s a recap of some of the big hits that were pulled. Case #1 was highlighted by a Seth Jones Autographed Rookie Gear booklet complete with […]

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#DACWPulls: Triple Threads Baseball live break hits

For this edition of #DACWPulls we have some hits from a recent DACW Live case break of Topps Triple Threads Baseball. Our own “Alexander the Break” pulled these beauties. The redemption card is a Triple Threads Auto Relic Combo White Whale Printing Plate featuring sluggers Juan Gonzalez, Tim Raines and Vladimir Guerrero. There was also a […]

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#DACWPulls: Monster hits from 2013-14 Upper Deck SP Hockey

Eric sent along some hits he pulled from some boxes of 2013-14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey. He scored some major hall of fame talent in these #DACWPulls. Time and time again you never disappoint!!!  The Monster hits from the 6 boxes that I bought from Dave and Adams!!  Bobby Orr Authentic Moments Auto, Mario […]

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Dave & Adam’s announces its first-ever High Roller Case Break (SOLD OUT)

The DACW Live crew has had a lot of success with 2013-14 Panini National Treasures Basketball. Thanks to all the amazing hits in this set they have been able to sell out 24 live case breaks. Now we are upping the ante by announcing Dave & Adam’s first-ever HIGH ROLLER BREAK for National Treasures Basketball. […]

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#DACWPulls: “Crazy cases” of 2013/14 Panini Immaculate Basketball

A customer just sent along pictures from what he called “crazy cases” of 2013/14 Panini Immaculate Basketball. One of the big pulls was a Victor Oladipo one-of-one Sneek Peek featuring the Air Jordan logo from one of his shoes. He found three NBA logo cards including a one-of-one of the “Mailman” Karl Malone with a […]

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#DACWPulls: 2013/14 Panini Immaculate Basketball

2013/14 Panini Immaculate basketball has only been out for a couple of days and already we have seen some pretty impressive pulls. Here are some #DACWPulls that one of our customers shared from his case. Some pretty impressive pulls and some great looking cards, congrats Shaaf!

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#DACWPulls: UFC Knockout Box Sick Double Pull!

Thanks to Lee for writing in and sharing his hits from a recent box of 2014 Topps UFC Knockout. Lee pulled a couple of sick hits, here is what he had to say: Just opened a box of 2014 Topps UFC Knockout I bought from Dave & Adams, and in the the one box were […]

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#DACWPulls: 2013/14 Panini National Treasures Hockey

Robby recently sent us these pics of his hits that he and his wife pulled from a case of 2013/14 Panini National Treasures hockey. Here is what Robby had to say about his case: By FAR the greatest product I’ve ever opened. My wife has super mojo, but heavy hands, so I had her wear […]

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#DACWPulls: 2013/14 National Treasures Hockey!

2013/14 Panini National Treasures Hockey made it’s long awaited debut last week and so far it has no disappointed! We have seen some amazing hits so far. You may have seen some of these already if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+ but we thought we would pull some of them together […]

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best live box break hits

#DACWPulls Box Break Highlights, The Best Hits From Our Live Box Breaks – Volume 1

Around here, box breaks are kind of a big deal, and we offer three different ways to get in on the action: individual, group, and random team breaks. Everything is streamed live, encouraging participants to interact during the break. And when a great card gets pulled, we can’t help but get excited ourselves. That’s the […]

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