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Bill & Blaine’s Excellent Adventure…$125,000 Spent At Gen Con Indy 2013!

We raced down to Indianapolis for this year’s Gen Con with our new buyers Blaine and Bill loaded with cash!   The goal was simple…SPEND IT ALL!   Unfortunately we didn’t quite spend it all but we certainly made a BIG splash.   Our buying team is committed to drastically improving our gaming selection across the board, and […]

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Heroclix 2

When It All Finally Clix

One of the many things that I absolutely love about my job is being exposed to new games and interesting products. Running events like our recent GenDu preview/playtest exposes me to brand new games just starting out. Then there are other games. Games which have always been the periphery of my knowledge that I know […]

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Grand Prix Las Vegas

What Happens In Vegas

We’re living in an amazing time for Magic the Gathering. More people are playing now than have ever played before. The Grand Prix in Charlotte shattered the previous record for the largest Magic event. The Las Vegas Grand Prix has already beaten that number in pre-registration (by the way if you haven’t heard, you better […]

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