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Magic the Gathering Modern Masters – 2015 Edition

  Draft Like A Master Modern Masters 2015 Edition takes players back to some of the most remarkable planes from recent history, including Zendikar, Mirrodin, Ravnica, Lorwyn, Kamigawa, and Alara. Featuring new artwork on a number of cards, every card in Modern Masters can be added to your favorite Modern-format decks. But first, enjoy a […]

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Dave & Adam’s to host free Magic Pro Tour qualifier this Saturday (2/21)

Dave & Adam’s Card World will be hosting the last traditional Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier in the Buffalo-Niagara Region on Saturday, February 21. The winner will receive an invitation to the Pro Tour Dragons of Takir event in Brussels on April 10-12, 2015 along with airfare provided by Wizards of the Coast and […]

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Results from Dave & Adam’s Magic: The Gathering Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

This past Friday Dave and Adam’s hosted the largest Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Magic the Gathering ever recorded with 98 players. Ryan Hare emerged victorious following a grueling seven rounds and the single elimination top eight.  He will be attending the regional qualifier in 2015. Here is a Breakdown of the top 8 decks: Ryan […]

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Friday Night Magic recap for December 5

Welcome back to another Dave and Adam’s Friday Night recap. We had two new winners this week, starting with our Standard winner, Tyler Bajer. 1x Mana Confluence 1x Shivan Reef 2x Temple of Epiphany 4x Yavimaya Coast 4x Wooded Foothills 2x Mountain 4x Frontier Bivouac 3x Forest 2x Ashcloud Phoenix 4x Boons Satyr 4x Polukanos, […]

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Friday Night Magic recap for October 17 & 24

Hello everybody, and welcome back to Dave and Adam’s Friday Night recap. First up, our winners from two weeks ago Joe Cox and Adam Stadelman: 3x Goblin Rabblemaster 3x Hordeling Outburst 3x Lightning Strike 3x Magma Jet 3x Stoke the Flames 3x Stormbreath Dragon 2x Purphoros, God of the Forge 3x Courser of Kruphix 3x […]

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Friday Night Magic recap for October 10

Hello again, and welcome back to Dave and Adam’s Friday Night recap. This week will be a little different. Instead of two new decks, I’m going to give you three. First up we have our Standard winner from October 10th Joe won with a Red/Green midrange deck which featured powerhouses from previous Standard, such as […]

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Friday Night Magic recap for October 3

Welcome back to Dave and Adam’s FNM recap. Khans of Tarkir is still barely in people’s hands and players have been dying to delve into it. Our Standard winner’s deck from October 3rd was the first we’ve seen in to use the new cards: 4 Elvish Mystic 4 Sylvan Caryatid 4 Courser of Kruphix 2 […]

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September 26th Friday Night Magic Recap

  Hello and welcome back to Dave and Adam’s Friday Night Magic recap! Friday September 26th marked the first opportunity people had to use Khans of Tarkir in sanctioned play, including the highly-anticipated ally color fetchlands (Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand, Bloodstained Mire, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills) which were originally from the Onslaught expansion. These […]

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Dave & Adam’s Opens Comic Book Store

It’s a big day for Dave & Adam’s as today we opened our first comic book and vintage toy store. It is located inside the Dave & Adam’s Card World located at 4235 Transit Rd. in Williamsville, NY (near the intersection of Transit & Main St.). The entire back half of the store is now […]

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Friday Night Magic Recaps for the Month of August: Part 2

Welcome back to the FNM recap, Month of Modern edition. With Modern being an Eternal format, it leads to quite the brewer’s paradise, with interesting and entertaining decks showing up all the time. We had quite a few different decks show up over the last month in the winner’s circle, so let’s take a look […]

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