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Gaming News & New Products

Dave & Adam’s at GenCon 2014!

The gaming division of the Dave & Adam’s Buying Team packed up the trucks and headed out on the road this morning. Destination – Indianapolis for GenCon 2014! Our team will be in town Wednesday August 13th through Sunday August 17th. This year we doubled the size of our booth (#1917) to a 2ox40 and […]

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August 1st Friday Night Magic Recap

This past Friday at Dave and Adams, we had our largest Friday Night Magic yet with a whopping 146 players! Our 2 Champions had to work hard to earn their undefeated records as they each had to battle through over a hundred other participants to earn their first place standings. First up, we have Steven […]

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July 25th Friday Night Magic Recap

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the FNM recap. It’s a new week and we have 2 new winners. Our winner from the Modern portion of the evening was Brandon Williams, running Green/Blue Infect: 4x Breeding Pool 5x Forest 1x Hinterland Harbor 4x Inkmoth Nexus 2x Pendelhaven 4x Yavimaya Coast 20 Lands 4x Giant Growth […]

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Friday Night Magic Recap Double Dose

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Dave and Adam’s Friday Night Magic recap. We have two weeks to go over this time, so we have a lot of ground to cover. Let’s get things started quickly with the winner of our Standard tournament from last week, Andrew Bloomingdale: Andrew was running what he described […]

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Magic 2015 Prerelease Recap

This past weekend was the Magic 2015 prerelease which meant we had some great events at our Transit store! We had midnight and Saturday prereleases which both drew a ton of players! For this sealed event, players had to choose a color specific kit and build the best possible deck from the color pack and […]

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Friday Night Magic: Rogue Recap Episode 1!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Dave and Adam’s Rogue Recap. This article series will focus on high finishing decks at our FNM that aren’t your normal run of the mill archetypes. For our debut article, we will take a look at a deck ran by Jeff Stutz to a 4-0 and first […]

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Friday Night Magic Recap from June 27th

Hello everyone! My name is Dan Kalinowski and I’m taking over the reins of the Dave and Adam’s Friday Night Magic blog. A little about myself; I started playing Magic back during the Affinity-driven days of Mirrodin/8th Edition. You might know me as a regular at our Friday Night Magic tournaments at our Transit Road […]

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Dave and Adam’s at Origins Game Fair!

The Dave and Adam’s Buying Team is hitting the road this week  to travel to Columbus, OH. The guys will be in the Columbus area from Wednesday, June 11th, through Sunday, June 15th. We are currently adding appointments with potential sellers in the Columbus area, and will also be attending the Origins Game Fair. If […]

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Pro Tour Qualifier Top 8 Decks

Here are the deck breakdowns from the top 8 players from Buffalo’s First Ever Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier: Winner: Blaven Jaramillo Lands (18) 9 Forest 7 Island 1 Temple of Mystery 1 Traveler’s Amulet Creatures (15) 1 Agent of Horizons 1 Courser of Kruphix 1 Deepwater Hypnotist 1 Horizon Chimera 1 Nylea’s Disciple […]

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Friday Night Magic: The Winner’s Circle #18

This week at Friday Night Magic we had a Record Breaking 142 players and 2 brand new champions for our Standard and Modern events! Team Farseek member Ryan Greig went 4-0 in Standard with his WU aggro deck and took some time to share his deck with us along with some strategy advice should any […]

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