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Shawn Orrange

About Shawn Orrange

Shawn Orrange is the Gaming Product Manager and Tournament Organizer for Dave and Adam's Card World.

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Heroclix 2

When It All Finally Clix

One of the many things that I absolutely love about my job is being exposed to new games and interesting products. Running events like our recent GenDu preview/playtest exposes me to brand new games just starting out. Then there are other games. Games which have always been the periphery of my knowledge that I know […]

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Grand Prix Las Vegas

What Happens In Vegas

We’re living in an amazing time for Magic the Gathering. More people are playing now than have ever played before. The Grand Prix in Charlotte shattered the previous record for the largest Magic event. The Las Vegas Grand Prix has already beaten that number in pre-registration (by the way if you haven’t heard, you better […]

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Buffalo's Best Magic Tournament

Buffalo’s Best Magic Tournament Breaks Attendance Record

I don’t know how much cash you’ve had reason to hold in your hand, but it can make you feel a little loopy. At least that was my experience when my CFO handed me four envelopes with $20 bills that totaled $1,900. This money wasn’t mine however, it was the 1st – 4th place prize […]

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Friday Night Magic

Dave and Adam’s to Host Buffalo’s Best Magic Tournament

Re-post: Our event is this Saturday May 18th. As of now there are slots available for those that didn’t pre-register but want to pay the $25 entry fee at the door on Saturday. If you want to reserve your spot or have any questions you can email Shawn Orrange ( We are pleased to announce […]

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MTG Tournament

A Casual Player In The Competitive Court: Dave and Adam’s Grand Prix Trial

Often, I am accused of being to casual and laid back as a tournament organizer and to this accusation I announce, “Proudly.” I can’t help it. I was never a competitive player. No matter the venue the flavor was always more important to me then the win. I remember laughing myself sick at the flavor […]

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Why in the World of Warcraft Should I Try This Game?

On Saturday March 16th at 2pm at our Transit Road location Dave and Adam’s Card World will be presenting a great opportunity to learn a new game and win some cool prizes. As some of you may know we have a small, but devoted group of World Of Warcraft Trading Card Game players that are […]

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Dragon’s Maze Commentary

One of the most wonderful things about Magic the Gathering is that there’s always something new. Never has this been more apparent then in the past two pre-release events. Pretty much universally well received, the Guild Pack method of distributing the cards let players come into the game with a strategy, or at least a […]

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Dave and Adam’s to Host MTG Grand Prix Trial on March 9th

As part of our ever expanding involvement in the gaming community, Dave and Adam’s Card World will host a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Trial on March 9th, 2013 at our Transit Road location for the upcoming Pittsburgh Grand Prix Tournament. Though the Pittsburgh Grand Prix will be a Gatecrash Sealed Event, our Trial will be a […]

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Gatecrash Keywords

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’ll confess I like the month leading up to a new release of Magic almost more then when the actual set drops. Sometimes, it can be hard to even know what to talk about. I could write a whole article just on the Cipher mechanic coupled with […]

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World of Warcraft Trading Card Gamers Help Bring Food to the Hungry

You don’t need to be the biggest group to have the biggest impact. That is certainly true of our group of six World of Warcraft Trading Card Game players who brought gaming and community service together in a remarkable way this past weekend at Dave and Adam’s Transit Store. All this month, the Champions of […]

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