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Dan Viglietti is both the Gaming Singles and Sports Memorabilia Purchasing Manager at Dave and Adam's Card World, yes you read that right. You can contact him via email at or by phone at 1-888-440-9787 x.113

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Dan’s Buys: Magic the Gathering Power Cards

I am contacted on a daily basis by people interested in selling their Magic the Gathering cards. People contact me by phone, email, and often times our selling form through our website. From there, I’ll discuss with the seller what they have and make them a quick offer. I know how it feels when you […]

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Dan’s Buying Blog: Magic the Gathering Cards from Origins

I recently attended the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, with a few other members of the DACW Buying Team. We rolled into town with buying on the mind, and that’s exactly what we did. I was able to make some big purchases of Magic the Gathering products. Some of the highlights include a complete […]

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Dan’s Buying Blog: Rare Magic the Gathering Products

I’ve been buying a lot of great older Magic the Gathering products lately, and I recently picked up another nice collection. Highlighting this list of items are a Sealed Regular and International Beta Collector’s Edition Set. These sets were made in 1993 and identical to the 302 card Beta set, with the only difference being […]

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Dan’s Buying Blog: Rare Magic the Gathering Unlimited Booster Box

We just received in one of the rarest Magic the Gathering products I’ve ever purchased, an Unlimited booster box. Coming off the great success that Wizards of the Coast had with the first two Magic the Gathering releases (Alpha and Beta) in the fall of 1993, they released Unlimited in December of 1993. The set […]

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Incredibly Rare Magic the Gathering Set Purchase

I buy Magic the Gathering cards everyday, but I don’t often come across the rare older sets I recently purchased. Some of the featured rarities include the following: Magic the Gathering Beta International Edition Gift Set – Unsealed Here’s a brief description of the set as it’s not as well known as a few of […]

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No One In The World Can Claim My Job Title

Hello, my name is Daniel Viglietti, yes I am Italian, and I can confidently state that no one in the world does what I do. In fact I will take it one step further and state that no one in history has had my job title. But first a little background…..I am an avid autograph […]

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